We are pleased to welcome you to visit our booth at Plast Eurasia Istanbul 2017!
We are pleased to welcome you to visit our booth at Plast Eurasia Istanbul 2017!

Date:06-09 Dec.
Booth NO.:Hall 12 -1221C

Taiwan's Machinery industry still has her market share when facing her competitors from all over the world industries believe that is due to the supply chain of high quality key components , in which response to demands of new energy, energy saving, high precision, high speed product requirements. In which gear driven applications are growing, "gearbox" becomes a key component in the industrial structure.

In Taiwan there are more than hundreds of gear manufacturers, BSG is known for its research & development and it's ability of breaking through in core technologies, with ability of design and manufacture BSG combines technology, aesthetics and performance in the gearboxes we supply, BSG's products are used in a variety of industries, rubber and plastic machinery, steel, environmental protection, energy and automation in Europe, the United States, Japan and many other countries.

BSG's 4 core values "Raw material choice", "Innovation", "Process" and "Services".

"Strict selection of raw materials"─ tempered materials with high densities

BSG used the German models of Japan's top steel embryos to ensure that raw materials are pure without impurities, that allows us to have more precise control in heat treatment . Materials are forged by 3500 tons of strength forged, reached more than 4S density requirements, to ensure precision of gear transmission and strength . BSG are aware, stable operation of the gearbox can offer customers the best quality production benefits!

"Innovative design"─ transmission precision technology
BSG 's product design are based on listen to customer needs, based on actual case interpretation of ultra high speed and "extreme performance". At a diameter of screw 16mm, length 240mm Mini gearbox development case, BSG successfully handed over a mini gearbox size of luggage. The gearboxes combine low noise, light, and the original speed of 600 rpm to 1,200 rpm of the high speed and high performance requirements.

"The ultimate process"─ uncompromising technology aesthetics

BSG uses most advanced equipment and the best combination of traditional technology, focused on creating quality and enduring value. Introduction of German gear machining equipment, precise control error margin to micron ensure that gear is the rendering process, at every turn. BSG are aware, only not afraid of complicated production scheme, to optimal effectiveness through excellence in quality: products!

"Perfect service"─ customer-oriented quality pursuit
BSG considered excellent quality is the basic service, starting from raw materials to products, strict procedures, implement the inspection to ensure quality consistency for each part. Mastering customer demand, fast response to resolve the customer's issue is our core of "customer service". Because we are convinced that the BSG to strictly control the product quality is equal to defending client's market competitiveness.
「服務完善」─ 以客為尊的品質追求